Office Chair Product Modeling Design Material Is An Important Feature


In the office feng shui, the office chair and the desk, like its material and color has its own specific meaning of the five elements, and compared to the table, chair contact with us for a longer time, by its greater impact. For example, if a boss hits hi gold and his seat is woody, it will produce the result of gold and wood, and its seat will be very bad for its fortune. Today's seats are generally metallic, or wood, and in addition to the boss, the conversion seat material is not easy than things. So we can proceed from the color, the transformation of their own adverse conditions, you can through the cushion, cushion color to add their favorite five elements of the property.

Office chair positions are mostly followed by the desk, to determine the direction of the desk, and then according to the principle of four animals, seat seat to select the range is not too large, in general, only two directions optional, not to mention large Most regular employees do not have too much freedom to choose the seat of the power, but also through the following key feng shui boast to effectively improve their work environment.

1, as an office, the light of the seat needs careful consideration. If the location of the light is dim, it will cause the house yang deficiency, chi heavier phenomenon, over time will make people's work difficult to gather spirit, reduce efficiency, affect their career development. In this case we can use some bright color of the desktop to enhance the overall brightness, or in the desk in 2012 auspicious place placed a small lamp, so not only can Yin Yang, improve work efficiency, but also get the attention of elegant And promotion.

2, the seat above the beam or chandelier is a big fierce, whether it is residential or office, beams are pressure on the feng shui to avoid the evil, because sitting below the people will be disturbed by uneven gas field, likely to cause the mind Restless, dizziness brain swelling, and even loss of health. The best way to deal with this situation is to immediately move the seat away from the direction. If some of the restrictions can not be avoided, can only display some of the goods to resolve the matter, but can only weaken the impact, it is difficult to completely eliminate the evil spirits.

3, the office chair seat should not be on the office entrance, the entrance is crowded flow, the most intense gas field hedge. In addition to the front desk staff, the other office staff seat just facing the door, it will be affected by the gas field, thoughts easily dispersed, affecting the working state. In the case of the seat can not be adjusted, you can put a piece of wood or plants at the table to block.

4, in the small flow of the office, the impact of the door may not be too big, but no matter how many people, the back door and sit is bad luck. First of all because the door is often opened, it is easy to occur behind the situation, unfavorable cause. From the psychological point of view, if people sit long back door, and others are often walking around every day will be in a subconscious tension, the long run will lead to mental stress, can not feel at ease work. In addition to the back behind the unreliable door, behind the window, by the aisle, by the bathroom, by the printer and so on will have a negative impact on the cause of the people, in short, behind the helpless, nor reliable strong magnetic field strong evil spirits, if encountered this The situation is not easy to adjust the location, you can choose a chair with a back to sit, the higher the better the back, so not only behind the back, but also to block the impact of evil spirits. In addition, both sides of the seat should have handrails, easy friends and others help.