Multi-funtion Ergo Chair Warm And Light


Multi-funtion Ergo Chair In recent years, designers are increasingly inclined to home and furniture for creative modification, so that our lives become more comfortable and convenient, furniture settings also makes us feel more warm and lightweight. The industrial designer whimsy, the chair cut into a hanging clothes hang clothes. It is the legs for the clothes to put the hook, and the formation of the angle of the seat part is just enough to put the key, wallet and other small pieces. Clever device angle to look like a few chairs were readily thrown,Multi-funtion Ergo Chair directly embedded in the wall, modeling cool enough. The design concept for us to provide a great way of thinking: as long as dare to think that old things can glow new life.

Multi-funtion Ergo Chair From the designer's design, fine border wash basin. Black metal frame, with a transparent glass, remove the wash basin has always been the heavy feeling, give us a new simple design, in particular, is to mention the design of the stent,Multi-funtion Ergo Chair very on the grade, looks like a direct embedded in a piece Square in the same marble, will be thick and light perfectly combined together. When you unscrew the faucet, it is really worried that the water will be on the ground, so perfect design concept, for life to add fun.

Multi-funtion Ergo Chair When the peacock opened the screen of the moment, we will be it colorful, stretch the tail screen to attract. Designers based on this inspiration, to create a noble atmosphere of the peacock chair, for men in addition to the exaggeration of the chair is nothing special,Multi-funtion Ergo Chair for women may be different, and many women think that the tail chair is not only comfortable , But also demonstrated his noble and elegant temperament.

The peacock chair is made of a single piece of acrylic material, and the back of the chair is like a Ping Pok stretch, like a peacock open as proud and beautiful, with a very intense hole that will be the passion of the bursts of sensation, sitting on top of a halo around , Yellow robe plus body of the sacred sense.