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Sitting On A Magical Office Chair, Become Elegant, Happy And Smart
Dec 23, 2017

        The office chair was designed by the Massachusetts Instituteof Technology (MIT) and developed by Dr. Patrick Kunzle anddesigner Ben Froury. 

  It ' s called " LimbIC " , which is named by the human limbic system that regulates human emotion , and is the first chair to integrate neurosciences into the design .

Limbic office chair Modelling peculiar, and daily lifeCommon Common office chair is very different, it has noback, alsodoes not have the handrail, the chair main bodyis composed of two pieces of carbon fiber hard crust only.The carbon fiber shell is the same as the material used inthe F1 racing unit, and can be moved with the user. It isprecisely becauseof this special material that the limbicoffice chair can help the user to adjust the sitting posture,so as to make people more relaxed. 

It is worth mentioning that the user sits in the Limbic officechair can also experience the feeling of weightlessness, andthis feeling is proved to human creativity, expression andemotion have a positive impact. 

Dr . Kunzler described : " Easy - to - do sitting posture can avoid creating compression points , thus relieving the pressure on the intervertebral disc . People subconscious and continuously maintain the balance of sitting posture , and improve the feel and coordination of the muscles supporting the spine . It turns out that sitting on the LimbIC office chair will have a very positive effect , and the user feels like jumping up and down , and the body ' s parts get a rest and relaxation . " It turns out that sitting in a chair feels like skiing and is very comfortable . " Microsoft.TeamFoundation . 

Although the price of each limbic office chair is as high as8450 dollars (about 53,700 yuan), the pre-sale order hasbeen like snowflakes to the office chair of the manufacturerof Swiss Inno-motion company. 
It is reported that in the customer base, office workersaccounted for 60%, artists, doctors and physical therapistsand other groups also showed great interest in limbic office chairs.