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Office Furniture Of Different Color Effects
Mar 16, 2017

Over the years, among psychologists and scientists for the colors are deep and subtle study, and concluded that "color treatment", conclusion. Tests show that the colorful life supplies and furniture, will become a healthy "nutrients". What's what Office furniture of different color effects?

1, red office furniture

Stimulation and excitement of the nervous system, increase in epinephrine secretion and enhancing blood doping ring. But when exposure to too much red, produces emotions of anxiety and mental and physical stress, fatigue easily exhausted. So, in the bedroom or study, you should avoid using an excess of red.

2, blue office furniture

Lower pulse, adjusting the balance in the bedroom with blue to eliminate tension, helps to relieve headaches, fever, syncope, and insomnia. Blue makes people feel elegant and quiet.

3, Orange office furniture

Activity, inducing appetite, helps the absorption of calcium, which will help restore and maintain health. This color works in the entertainment room, kitchen, Office, bedroom, is not for the study.

4, purple office furniture

On the motor nerves, lymphatic system and cardiac system has a depressing effect, we can maintain the balance of potassium in the body, promote the feeling of calm and love and care for others.