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Chair Height Is Also Hazardous To Health, Fast!
Mar 16, 2017

In the present society, for the working population, Chair is the second bed, day two-thirds of the time to sit down and work, so chairs related to people's health. According to the United States, "family therapy" website says, the American Massage Therapy Association said: the chairs are too low, sit down when "nest" in the seat, easy to cause lower back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and shoulder muscle injury; while the Chair is too high can cause inflammation of the inside of the elbow pain. So, just how high chair is the most suitable?

Waist: here are not adjusted unless the Chair back adjustable, adjust their height. Sit, don't "sit down" huddled in the Chair, will increase the lower back and lumbar intervertebral disc pressure. Correct way is "sit up", hips back against his chair and back slightly bent, which backs the burden can be reduced to a minimum.

Elbows: on the premise of sitting comfortably, nearer the elbow away from the table as possible, to ensure that the upper arm parallel to the spine, putting his hand on the table surface (such as a notebook or on the keyboard), and adjust the seat height, in order to ensure that the elbows at right angles. Meanwhile, adjusting armrest height so that arm was brought in at the shoulder.

Thighs: highly suitable for the first to bear the heavy burden of leg comfort. Seated check the fingers in thigh, underneath the front of the Chair sliding freely. If the space is too tight, you need appropriate to reduce the height of the Chair, feet or find a clapboard. If your thighs and the frontier between the Chair refers to the width of the then Chair height.

Calf: under the hips close to the Chair's back, can try fist through the calf and the space between the front of the Chair. If you can't easily do it, then the Chair would be too deep, you need to turn a cushion or pad the Chair backrest forward.

Now that you know how much Chair height that was appropriate, right? Q excellent furniture, care of your Chair.