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Avoid The Sofa To Buy 5 Big
Mar 16, 2017

1, the taboo does not consider the sofa size

Sofa on the market now, there are thousands, and often saw the exhibition of products, because the Hall is wide, and under the lights, the naked eye is difficult to estimate the right sofa size, Hangzhou office furniture company that bought the spatial pattern of the sofa are often not to their Office, so must know before buying your office space for purchase.

2, the taboo does not consider the deep sofa size

Deep sofa size determines the person sitting on the couch is comfortable. Sofa size deep in the market there are two: one is 95 cm, suitable for height 1.7 m people; one is 105 cm, and established more than 1.7 meters tall people. Also of deep deepen to 125 cm in diameter, you can completely relax the entire body was stuck in the couch.

3, the taboo does not consider the sofa bearing

Weight determines the life of the sofa the sofa, sofa frame determines the loading of the sofa. So to choose durable sofa, you first look at whether the frame of the sofa easy to deformation.

4, the taboo does not consider the cushion comfort

Sofa cushions can neither too soft nor hard, this will affect the human spine. Currently popular is the use of shaped foam filled cushions. Through the bottom of the sofa frame upholstery use multi-layer resilience in a different sponge to ensure force uniform in the process, and ensure a comfortable sitting experience.

5, the taboo does not consider the sofa cleaning

Bought a new sofa natural look, use for some time to clean it, choose good clean sofa sofa clean increase in use of convenience. Hangzhou office furniture company is recommended when purchasing a sofa, buy leather sofas and easy to clean.